1. We’ve got 11 really fantastic photographers contributing to our first book; we would love your support.


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    Ehren Dorsey by Stefanie Dije



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    Behind the scenes snapshots of the making of the limited edition of Chiaroscuro I.

    I’ve now covered my expenses with those sold so far, but I’m going to keep them at the pre-order price (£50 down from £75) until the end of week.

    There are 4 copies left available, and you have until midnight Sunday 22nd December to get your order in at the reduced price.

    Email me on selinamayerphotographs@gmail.com if you want one!

    Just a reminder that you have until tomorrow at midnight to place your pre-order for the limited edition of Chiaroscuro I before the price goes up from £50 to £75. If you pre-order you also get a free 10x8 print of your choice from the zine.

    Email me on selinamayerphotographs@gmail.com if you want one!

    If the limited edition is out of your budget, don’t forget that you can buy the standard version for the special price of £15 until 31st January. Get your copy here.




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    (Those of your who read my blog closely (and those who read this interview) will have already picked up on the hints and knew this was coming, but…)

    That’s right, my first ever self published photozine Chiaroscuro I is now available for sale.


    Featuring Cam Damage and Jacs…